Babyfcae from infancy to adulthood

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 The Product

Babyface is a virtual, protected family social network run by grandparents, who record the life story of their grandchildren from infancy to adulthood, creating a kind of digital family tree (Digital Timeline). Babyface is the first social network in the world to address a huge, untapped market with huge economic potential - hundreds of millions of people over 55 who want to take part in the lives of their children and grandchildren through the digital experience

Bringing the social networks revolution to the senior community​


The social media revolution, which began over a decade ago, completely changed the way we conduct social relationships – if it's not on the Internet – it never happened! However, the existing social networks appeal only to young people and forget about adults, even though the older generation is actually active and very interested in social networks (for example, more than 400,000 profiles on Facebook for 60-year-olds in Israel alone). Babyface is completing the social networks revolution by bringing it to the older generation, allowing them to create for themselves an online family experience that will remain for generations to come. 

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Babyfcae from infancy to adulthood


The Market

China - The largest market of seniors in the world. Over 200,000,000 seniors from age of 55 to 70.
The Seniors in the US, the richest segment in the World. Spent $30B on Grandchildren in 2017
There are currently more than 900 million aged 60 or over worldwide.

Next Stage

In the second stage of babyface development, grandparents created their personal story, while virtualizing their childhood and youthful landscapes through images, Google map, and Google Earth. Grandparents will be able to view the landscapes of their childhood and the childhood landscapes of their children, who are the current generation of parents. This will generate an experience for all generations as well as family heritage.

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